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CAA-002-5 CAA-002-8 outside of containment for photographic session.

Object Number: CAA-002

Containment Class: Python

Exam/Control Protocols: CAA-002 instances are to be locked in a single container located in Containment Cell-12 in Site-001 Orbiting Site-003. The container is to be maintained on a daily-basis as SCP-002 instances’ constantly changing appearance can damage its interior walls.

Item Description: CAA-002 is a collective designation referring to 17 confirmed anomalous meteorites.

CAA-002 instances vary wildly in size from the smallest being two (2) centimetres and the largest being ten (10) metres in diameter. CAA-002 instances generally increase or decrease in size noticeably between this range within minutes.

Discovery: Each and every CAA-002 instance were discovered at different times, locations and circumstances.

  • CAA-002-1: CAA-002-1 was discovered in southern Manchuria, Qing Dynasty on 23rd August 1910 by a Russian diplomat travelling to Beijing. The CAA Federation later recovered it and transported it to Site-001 on 1st December 1910.
  • CAA-002-2: CAA-002-2 was discovered in Cork, United Kingdom when it crash-landed into a farm disrupting several sheep in November 1911. The responsible farmer was asleep during this event and didn’t notice until several townsmen asked about the large thud in the night. The CAA Federation recovered it on 17th January 1911.
  • CAA-002-3: CAA-002-3 was discovered in North Rhodesia, United Kingdom on 2nd September 1915 during the British invasion of German South Africa in the First World War by a soldier simply seeing a streak across the sky. The Federation investigated and recovered it on 31st October 1915.
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