The Hidden 143

Okay, I’ve finished CAA-143! Time to send it to the database.

Wait, what? There’s already an article of the same name?

Why can’t I delete this? It doesn’t even have the proper qualifications one of these articles require to be greenlit.

I need to contact the A5 Council about this.

This is the A5 Council - The Council of the All-Seeing Eyes. Please note your concern after the message.

Hello. I have written the article for CAA-143 as we’ve conducted some examinations of CAA-143 but it’s not allowing me to save it onto the database. I’ve tried deleting the article in it’s place but it’s not working whenever I try to. Could you please find out how to solve this and come back to me ASAP? Thank you.

And your name and clearance level?

Dr. Harry Vendetta. Level 3.

Okay, we will solve the cause of your concern. Please bare with us and we will get right back to you.

Thank you.

We’ve found the error of which your concern is based upon. Please respond once you’re back in BSite-077. Thank you for your cooperation.

I’ve received your message. So have you found the solution?

We believe we have. We would recommend overwriting the current state of CAA-143’s article, and if all else fails, we would recommend sending your version to us in an audio format or an unlisted worded article and we will increase the clearance level required to view the file. Would you prefer in another format, or are you fine with these conditions.

I would think that it should be delivered through a worded document hidden from CAA-143’s boundaries as me and Dr. Axford Centauri have observed it’s qualities.

You’re way it is. Could you send us your document secretly?

Here: caa-143.doc

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